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Always pick a target when you are hitting on the range.  It's easy to just hit balls at nothing but when you get on the course, you are forced to hit shots at your target.  Also, "climb the ladder" = start off with a PW or short iron to work on tempo.  Move up in clubs to Driver and then back down to short irons.  

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Liberty High School Women’ Golf

Schedule Fall 2017


Date      Event                      Site                  Start       Release    Departure


Th/8/24  SJC Match (10)     Moila                  2:30            1:00      1:15

M/8/28   Lib. N. Invite          Lib. Hills             8:00

M/8/28   Mo/Kan Tourn.      Blue Hills             8:00                        6:20

T/8/29   SJC Match (10)     Shoal Creek       3:00             2:00

Th/8/31 SJC Invite             Moila                   8:00                         6:30

M/9/5    PHS Match (6)     Shoal Creek        2:30            1:45                          

Th/9/7  Kirwan Classic    Longview             3:00             1:10      1:25

Th/9/7  LN JV Match     Shoal Creek          3:30              3:00                          

F/9/8 Liberty Invite .      Paradise Point      8:00

M/9/12 LSN JV Invite    Longview               8:00                           6:30

M/9/12  Oak Park Invite   Paradise Pt.        8:00                            7:00

T/912  JV Match vs Lib N Liberty Hills       3;45           3:10

W/9/13 PHS Match Varsity  JV  Deuce                2:30           1:20          1:35

Th/9/14 LN/K Match      Lib. Hills              3:00            2:00        1:45

M/9/18  LN JV Invite    Lib. Hills               8:00                                           

M/9/18  Conference    Paradise Pt.        8:00                             6:50

F/9/22  PHS Eclipse Shoal Creek          3:30                 2:00

M/9/25 District           Lib. Hills                 8:00

M/10/2 Sectional      Deuce                      8:00                           6:50

M/10/9 State

T/10/11 State       



Please click on the link to access information regarding our Alumni Fundraising Tournament this Saturday.  If there are any errors or items that need corrected, please contact Forrest ASAP by phone or email.  



Squad Reduction Process

Please click on the link to access the process involved with our squad reduction:


Dice Photography Price List


Good first day of practice today.  Some things to keep in mind heading into practice tomorrow:

Being honest with your score keeping.  We have noticed some scores do NOT match the scores we counted while following a group.  This is of the utmost importance!  Cheating will not be tolerated.

Play ready golf to help speed up the pace of play.  That means if you are ready to hit and it's clear, go ahead and hit.

As soon as you hit, watch your ball and start walking in a safe direction to your ball so you are ready to hit when the time permits.

Limit your practice swings to help with the pace of play.

If you swing and miss, that still counts as a stroke and you cannot pick up your ball and re-tee.  We saw a few of you today swing and barely hit the ball, pick up your ball and put it back on the tee.  Thats a violation of the rules of golf.  You cannot touch your ball unless you are trying to identify it until it is on the green and you are going to mark your ball.

MARK YOUR BALL ON THE GREEN.  That is a common courtesy within the game of golf.  As soon as you are on the green, you mark your ball (place a coin down) so it is not in the line of another player's putt.

Whoever is furthest away from the hole has the honors to play first. 

If you finish your round/complete the designated holes established by the coaches, you can start walking back in to the club house.  You do not need to wait for a ride.  While playing in matches or tournaments, this is standard procedure.


Again, we are limited to the number of girls we can keep on the team and thus a squad reduction will have to be made after our days of qualifying.  So, it is extremely important to be honest with your scores.  If you feel that someone in your group has miscounted their score, there is no issue in having said player go back and count each shot until they have holed out so the group can agree with the final total score.


With golf, there are many rules and etiquette to follow.  Click on the link below on our webpage to review some common rules you might see on the course as well as common courtesies.   


Please click on the link for a brief tutorial about the rules and etiquette of golf.  This is extremely important information for not only our returning players but also our players new to the game.  Please take the time to look over the material because all players should know this information.




Please click on the link to see the progress of the Alumni Tournament.  Add or delete any changes you see fit.








Please fill out the informational form if you are interested in trying out for the LHS BlueJay girls golf team this fall.



Update on our Alumni Golf Tournament

Dear Parents, 

   As you may be aware, the Golf teams are hosting a golf tournament Saturday, August 12.  The tournament is open to alumni/alumnae of the Golf teams coached by Forrest Bertoldie and family, supporters of the program and invited guests. We hope to use proceeds as a fundraiser to support the Golf programs.  We have now expanded the list of invitees to all who are interested in supporting this endeavor.  We are asking each underclass member of the past men's and women's season to consider one of the following options in support of the Golf teams:  

Recruit one four player team or obtain a one hundred dollar sponsorship for a hole.  This is not a requirement and we are not wishing to impose a hardship on anyone.  If you are uncomfortable in this task, do not feel obligation.  This is something  of a standard  approach for golf tournament fundraisers. 

If you choose to help us in this manner, secure the names and  contact information for those you have recruited.

Show this letter to your parents. The entry fee will be paid prior to the beginning of the tournament.  

The fee includes greens fees, cart, a buffet lunch, first, second, and third place prizes in two divisions.  It promises to be a great time of Golf and reunion.  

Please assemble the teams and notify me as quickly as possible so that we can begin to organize.


Forrest Bertoldie


Please click on this link to view the LPS Alumni Golf Tournament Flyer - Link


Please click on this link to sign up as an individual player (if you don't have a team) AND/OR if you are signing up as a 4 person team.  If you are interested in helping volunteer for the tournament, Coach Bertoldie's contact information is on the flyer and sign up form.



Please click on the link for summer opportunities to improve your game as well as get ready for the upcoming season.




Shoal Creek Golf Course - Home of the Liberty High School Golf Teams.  A special thank you to the entire staff there and the many accommodations they provide our teams.  They are FIRST CLASS all the way!

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Click above to go to the Blue Jay Nation Website.  Allocate part of your membership towards LHS Girls Golf.



The TWITTER INSTRUCTIONS link below provides information on how to sign up for Twitter to follow @LHSJaysGolf both via Twitter and by text messaging.